Surviving Compton Premiered With Over 2 Million Viewers A Lifetime Movie Hit

A Lifetime Hit

Michel’le premiered her biopic “Surviving Compton” on Lifetime Oct 15th and it premiered at a successful 2 million+ viewers. As predicted, Michel’le’s story of survival, love, career, and life would help inspire millions, help save millions. Millions of women, and men, tuned in on this past Saturday and watched, amazed at all Michel’le, a petite woman with a powerful voice, went through.

Fans were even amazed at the abuse Dr. Dre ensued on to Michel’le. There are reports of a boycott for Dre Beats, and just after the movie premiered an explosive star studded ad for dre beats was released, media control anyone? Either way “Surviving Compton” was the most talked about movie of the weekend with over 500 thousand social media interactions pulling in over 9million views for the weekend showings of Surviving Compton. [Deadline]

Fans On Twitter;

Speak Jaz;

Although Dr. Dre and Suge Knight are threatening to sue Michel’le and Lifetime, Michel’le says bring it on, she is unafraid, speaking out, and speaking up. Considering NWA did not mention her in their hit film or the fact that while Dr. Dre and eventually Suge was locked up, she was the one handling the business and a large part of the glue that kept them afloat.

While many women’ve disgustingly stated Michel’le should “shut up”, “stop complaining”, “trying to get money”, and men claim she’s crazy, a lair, and worst; “I would’ve beat her too with that voice”, its ignorance like that, the reason why many abused women will never come out and speak about abuse.

Michel’le is powerful and over 2 million people watched her story and I’m certain over 2 million people were inspired.


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