Watch Azealia Banks Freestyle Over Jay Z’s “So Ghetto” Spitting Fire, Says RZA Deal Is Out


Barz. Flow So Sick.

Azealia Banks released a freestyle, as promised, to fans over Jay Z’s “So Ghetto” while riding in a car, reminding us that beyond the headlines she is a hiphop influencer and one of the dopest mc’s in the past 10 years. Azealia Banks has been the hot topic lately, even talked about on The Wendy Williams Show, for the tussle with actor Russell Crow. Azealia Banks was invited to an event with RZA who was supposed to be signing her to his label, during the event Azealia Banks said she was spat on, and called the n-word by Russell while throwing her out for jokes she made in rebuttal to what was said about her.

RZA Says Russell Did Spit On Azealia Banks

While many may believe Russell’s story over Azealia’s and the “witness’s” including RZA, whom according to Azealia banks, did absolutely nothing while this was happening, which prompted her not to sign with RZA. I believe the truth will come out and taking sides isn’t needed.  It is interesting though, the media will convince you to believe Azealia Banks is crazy, and capable of something like this and deserving of it, but when its that easy, sometimes, the latter is untrue. Maybe what Azealia recounts is the truth, TheBLACKMedia doesn’t know, however jumping to conclusions isn’t always the best way to determine the truth, I caution.

Azealia Banks took to IG to pen a heartfelt letter of evolution and growth to fans;

“These past few days have been rough. I want to thank the kuntbrigade so much for always being there for me. Although this situation was beyond my control, I promise you all that This is the LAST time I will be in the news for anything negative. For all of the love and support my fans have given me over the years I owe it to you to keep it straight music. No politics, no race stuff, no feminist stuff, no nothing. I am on a mission to completely immerse myself in my selfies, songs, music videos, fashion, beauty and love. As many of my fans and long-time followers know, I’m genuinely a really fun, clever, interesting and interested human being. Somewhere along the way the I got sucked into this neverending war with the media that I quite honestly don’t have the energy, patience, or care to keep fighting. I GIVE UP! And I Give In ❤️. I love you all tremendously. If you would all please join me in spreading the hashtag #makeazealiagreatagain On all of your AB related posts and comments….
I’m gonna pop that “So Ghetto” freestyle off tomorrow ?. Goodnight everyone”


Azealia promises this is the last time she will be in the news and hopes to continue her career solely on the basis of music. I think Azealia Banks is the industry’s fear because she refuses to play the game, and when you go against what’s already been set you’re the enemy. The precedent can make you “sell out” and forge you into something you can’t get out. Well behaved celebrities seldom escape the ideology of selling out, which in many regards leads to viewers believing they are pawns. Azealia Banks is the opposite of what it takes to be in the industry. She doesn’t compromise on anything she doesn’t believe in. She is a WOMAN. She is powerful and speaks up, and speaks loudly when something isn’t right, and while many may find these traits “difficult” (the famous word they use when you don’t conform and listen) TheBLACKMedia finds them to be heroic!

Black Women seldom have the chance to speak up, and it’s going to take an Azealia Banks, a Naomi Campbell, and a Grace Jones to pave the way for other outspoken women to shout, scream, and defend themselves in the face of men, white men, industry leaders, and human beings who simply don’t have your best interest in mind, and for that, TheBLACKMedia salutes Azealia Banks.

The Queen Cocoa Rap Goddess Smashes This Jay-Z “So Ghetto” Freestyle;

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