Growth & Maturity: Azealia Banks Pens “Letter To Zayn” Apologizing For The Twitter Rant & More


Truth Growth

It takes a strong person to write an apology letter and share it publicly. Azealia Banks pens an emotional, growth and maturity filled letter to singer-songwriter Zayn Malik apologizing for her twitter attack towards him. Azealia Banks has recently been in the news for the Russell Crowe incident, which she states; she’s “pressing charges”. Azealia has been growing and showing her fans in spite of recent news that she is in fact human, makes mistakes, learning, and growing, and wants her fans and the media to #MakeAzealiaGreatAgain.

Azealia to Fans;

“…..For all of the love and support my fans have given me over the years I owe it to you to keep it straight music. No politics, no race stuff, no feminist stuff, no nothing. I am on a mission to completely immerse myself in my selfies, songs, music videos, fashion, beauty and love. As many of my fans and long-time followers know, I’m genuinely a really fun, clever, interesting and interested human being. Somewhere along the way the I got sucked into this neverending war with the media that I quite honestly don’t have the energy, patience, or care to keep fighting. I GIVE UP! And I Give In ❤️. I love you all tremendously…..”

In the letter, which isn’t the first apology, Azealia says she was wrong for assuming, jumping the gun, and attacking him using derogatory words. She also apologized to viewers who tuned in, but it was when she said;

“At times, I’m so consumed by my own struggle, and the struggle of my race, that I forget to consider the hardships other minorities continue to endure. Coming from an ethnicity that’s largely discriminated against does not warrant a license to use derogatory, abusive terminology….”

that made me think Azealia Banks is on her way to understanding and healing. How many of us can do this in public? How many of us can be raw, apologetic, and appear metaphorically naked before thousands, maybe even millions and say, I’m sorry, I’m growing, I’m hurting, I’m struggling, I’m oppressed, and I shouldn’t’ve hurt you? Not many…salute to the Cocoa Rap Goddess, whom, by the way, says she still has a record deal on the table, she’s just not moving forward with RZA. Hopefully she gets one, either way, she’s still dope!

Azealia To Zayn: Full Letter



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