Photos Of Pregnant Janet Jackson In “Islamic Attire” Has Fans Going Crazy Here’s Why They Shouldn’t


Relax Guys!

Recent pictures of a happily pregnant Janet Jackson wrapped in non-traditional “Islamic Attire” surfaced and fans are losing their cool! Fans are upset complaining about Janet possibly converting to Islamic faith due to her husband. Fans are claiming Janet is being oppressed by the islamic religion and that she’s too powerful to be subdued to such a religion that does not honor women. While many traditions of the islamic faith especially recent changes do not oppress women, the fact that fans are yet again getting wrongful information from click-hungry blog sites, sharing, and getting upset about NOTHING, is the reason they should actually read and research articles, because she’s NOT actually wearing islamic attire, she’s wearing an oversized Adidas hooded sweater...

Fans Who Were Wrong;



The Adidas Coat Sold At HERViA;


The piece of clothing Janet was actually wearing is Adidas latest innovation; Y-3. It’s sports wear made futuristically, and while this may not be the greatest style choice for the style icon, it is not an Islamic gown, she is not oppressed, and Janet is still who we’ve come to know and love. Her husband, who owns many business’s, in fact, many retail business’s, added with the style icon this is what you get.

Janet x Wissam;

#SOULdiers, Im happy for Janet, living her life, having her child, GET YOUR FACTS HERE!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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