Watch Keke Palmer’s Visual EP “LauRen” It’s The #DefOfDope & It’s Climbing The Charts


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Keke Palmer released her debut EP “Lauren”, along with it, a visual album that pieced together separate videos to make a mini film musical. While visual EP’s and albums are trending, Keke Palmer has managed to create a youthful experience which takes a look into what young adults in their 20s experience in life and dating. Keke says this is her most vulnerable body of work to date. With songs like “GMFU” which stands for; got me fucked up, Keke is exposing her experiences with the world by hoping the listeners can identify with it.

Keke Palmer even dug deep with “Hands Free”, my favorite on the album, in which visually she chose to take it back to Afrika and appear as an Egyptian Pharaoh. Coupled with amazing dance sequences, creative art visuals and costumes, “Lauren” is a contender for one of the best Eps of 2016 climbing the charts on iTunes already in the top 5 R&B albums. It’s The #DefOfDope (coined by TheBLACKMedia The Def Of Dope is the definition of dope, the infectious new that inspires personal simulacrum)

Keke told Billboard;

There were people that looked like me that were kings and queens and there was a whole other world and that was also a time in history too. There’s different layers to your culture than just this one and so I was like how can I visualize this in the video in a way that can empower kids but also young people from my culture because I know they’re struggling with so much shit that’s going on currently that can make you feel ashamed about being who you are when the reality is you don’t have to feel that way.



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