What Is The #MannequinChallenge? Destiny’s Child ReUnite Joining The Trend & More Of The Best


Sweeping Social Media

The Mannequin Challenge has swept social media. It even brought dis-banded group Destiny’s Child back together for an epic mannequin challenge show down, but everyone is asking, what is it, and where does it come from?

The Mannequin Challenge;

Is a play on the freeze frame capture in film and television. In recent popular movies like “Deadpool” where live action is happening and during a punch for instance, the freeze frame capture slows down the time and captures the scene as if its frozen, when in reality it’s simply slowing down time enough for the eyes to capture each detail. It was also used in “X-Men: Days Of Futures Past” for the character Quick Silver to indicate his power in which he can run faster then the speed of light.

The social media challenge simplified its technical efforts by having people freeze themselves and moving the camera of their phones steadily, and some of these are just super epic. Like the Destiny’s Child challenge;

And The Poll Dancing Class;

And Of Course The Original Video That Started This Movement;

Too Dope! Many celebrities and football teams have joined, hopefully Destiny’s Child reuniting brings more music, they recently got an official IG page and have been updating their social media. Look out for more by searching the hashtag #MannequinChallenge. For More on how it’s done in film, watch this video below;


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