Watch Tracee Ellis Ross Deliver An Inspiring Speech At GLAMOUR In Response To Trump Winning & More


Inspiring & Uplifting

  Tracee Ellis Ross hosted this years GLAMOUR Women Of The Year 2016 Awards and opened the show with an inspiring and powerful monologue that dealt with the climate of today’s woman. The monologue touched on the progress, of not only women, but the LGBTQ community, and the consistently disenfranchised people of colour, and how this election will influence that. While we know Tracee to be one of the most successful comedic actress’s, she used comedy to infuse reality, helping to wake the room with what’s taking place in todays United States. This is what we at TheBLACKMedia call a #TruthTire, a funny, but true moment in entertainment. 

Tracee’s GLAMOUR Monologue;

Tracee held her composer throughout the monogloue even though she noted she could burst releasing her tensions and offering the audience to do the same. But it was when Tracee so eloquently said; 

“For those of us at the pointed end of discrimination the volume has been turned up…”

that the audience understood that what’s happening in the political world is greatly affecting her, women, homosexuals, handicapables, and anyone who isn’t a rich white man. It’s a simple, yet powerful way of saying so much, by saying so little. Tracee Rocks!

#SOULdiers, What Are Some Suggestions Of How To Continue In This Political Climate?

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