JUSTICE: The Officer Who Shot Philando Castile Charged With Manslaughter Faces 15 Years In Prison


Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who murdered Philando Castile, a B.L.A.C.K Man, in his car, without any weapons present, in front of his fiancee´ and child, was charged with second-degree manslaughter, and two felony count of dangerous discharge of a firearm. Each of these charges total about 15 years in prison and about 30,000 dollars in fines.

Philando Castile was a beloved cafeteria supervisor who’d asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him. Philando was a licensed gun carrier, 32 years old, who fell victim to the stereotype in Amerikkka towards Men of colour. Even though his murderer Jeronimo Yanez is also a person of colour, the system that trains Police officers, even Afrikan officers, often train policemen to view Black Men as treats.

If you remember, Philando’s finance Diamond Reynolds turned on Facebook Live to capture the horrific event that had just taken place. After the awful epidemic of cops killing Black Men Diamond, and many others are often quick to cut their cameras on, or reach out for help when pulled over.

Philando was pulled over in a traffic stop and the murderer claims he shot Philando multiple times due to a “weapon”, but no “weapon” was present. Hopefully the judge rules in favor of Castile and the murderer spends at least 15 years in prison to send a message to many who believe that now that Trump is in office, events like these can continue to happen. Let’s send prayers to Diamond and the Castile family.

Philando’ Fiance On The View;


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