Fat Joe On The Difference Between Entertainment & Reality “Fat Joe The Gangster Is A FairyTale”


Fat Joe and Remy Ma recently did a promo tour for their hit single “All The Way Up” and its upcoming album “Plata o Plomo”. On their tour they stopped by AOL Build and Fat Joe revealed a part of himself, many have never seen before.

Sometimes viewers/listeners forget the artist they love to listen to, are just that, artist! Fat Joe, being a gangster rapper, made it very clear there is a distinction between the two. Fat Joe, and many like him, maybe once were living the street life, but found their way out of it and became better Men because of it.

Too often we buy into what they sell, music, not realizing these people aren’t actually “kicking bitches out the room without breakfast”. Joe is a married man, who’s been with his wife for over 20 years living well in Florida. Bump their music, bump his music, but understand these Men are often educated businessmen living well, eating well, praying to God, while recording aggressive music.

Don’t buy into it, just enjoy the music and allow it to provide a quick escape for you, don’t use it as an excuse because while you’re still selling drugs, living that street life, bumping gangster rap music, those gangster rappers are living well as civilized human beings should.

Fat Joe & Remy Ma On Reality VS Entertainment;

Fat Joe Gives Praise To God…Beautiful;

#SOULdiers Isn’t The Main Goal In Life To Grow And Do Better?

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