Watch Loni Love Reveals She Was Held At Gun Point & Talks Domestic Violence With Evelyn Lozada

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Loni Love recently revealed she was held at gun point by her male (ex) best friend for telling him he needs to stop abusing his woman. In a touchy conversation with Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives, Loni shared her experience to Jeanie who’d asked the hard question, what should she tell her male friend.

Even though Loni took out of context what Jeanie said, it appeared Loni had been holding on to that moment in life and needed to vent and express her tragedy.

Jeanie, a strong woman, understood where Loni was coming from, though saying; “…but my friendship with him, doesn’t change or save a life” shouldn’t’ve sparked what appeared to be offense as Jeanie was only saying though her male best friend is an abuser, which she does not condone, saying to him “Im no longer your friend” won’t stop him from continuing to abuse his woman.

Jeanie was right, though Loni’s reaction serves a greater point, which is, call the cops, tell, stop it, do something, never turn or look away.


#SOULdiers, CALL – 911 If You Know About, See, Or Are Apart Of Domestic Violence

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