Is Cassidy The New Conscience Rapper? Watch His Freestyle About God, Racism, & The TRUTH!

The 34 year old rapper Cassidy has used social media to his advantage and has garnered a loyal following surrounding his plentiful freestyle videos. Unlike most rappers, Cassidy’s topics surround real issues in the community; God, Race, Class, and the Truth!

Three years ago Cassidy sat with the Breakfast club and ended the interview with what would become a viral video of Cassidy free styling about God. The “Im A Hustler” rapper who was sentence to jail for involuntary man slaughter, aggravated assault and possession of a gun in 2005, served his time only to get into a terrible car accident in 2006 that left him with broken bones, and temporary amnesia.

It appears the rapper has matured as most of his freestyles goes against the lifestyle he once lived, the fast life style. It’s commendable when a Man steps into reality using his gift to educate those like-minded of life’s woes, traps, and dead ends.

In the wake of this tragic political climate, Cassidy took to Instagram to rap about it stating; “Im pro Black but I ain’t racist at all, the prison system make you think Blacks breaking the law more than white folks, cause’ white folks making the law…”

Cassidy Freestyle About Race & Church;

Cassidy Freestyle About God;

#SOULdiers, Can Tragedy Help You Grow?

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