Watch Solange Perform “Rise” & “Weary” Live On Fallon Reports Show Solange Snatching Fans Wigs

Solange visited the Jimmy Fallon show to perform a medley promoting her hit album “A Seat At The Table”. In Solange fashion, she amped up the funk with a red interpretive moment, a very 70s pop and funk filled performance.

Fans of Solange leaped at the chance to watch her perform live on television as you rarely see it now-a-days from Black singers, and according to her following, she did not disappoint. Many fans report Solange snatching their wigs off during her performance, a good colloquialism, which simply means, they loved it.

Solange is introducing art back to R&B music, a sound, and a look so different from the rest, she stands out, not because she’s Beyonce’s young sister, but because she’s unapologetically artistic. It’s rare to see Black artist have a chance to show that.

Typically Black female artist are made to look sexual, bold sounds, common, but in the vain of Solange, she refuses to follow suit. Solange is the new wave, but a wave so bold that only she can ride it, that if anyone else dare try to, they’d fail miserably.

Fans Response;

Solange x Fallon;

#SOULdiers, Are You Unapologetically BLACK?

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