Mylah Is Music’s Next Muse; “Instead Of Looking For It…Create It!” The Waiting Game Is DEAD.

Mylah Is Music’s Next Muse; “Instead Of Looking For It…Create It!” The Waiting Game Is DEAD.

The waiting game is dead! 2017 offers evolution and a stronger rise of independent artist. Gone are the days of waiting to be signed to make hit records, gain fan bases, perform sold out shows, and make a living doing what you love. Singers, major, and indie are finding it’s better to do it all yourself. Artist like Remy Ma, who after prison, stayed independent gaining a Grammy Nomination, and a Platinum Record ["All The Way Up”], without a record label, are the new wave, and Mylah is next in line!

Mylah, a triple threat: a singer-songwriter and dancer from Indiana by way of Atlanta is music’s next muse. No newbie to the music industry, this angelic voice has been attacking the game since she was 17 years old.

“Even In My Darkest Hour, I Can Be The Light”

In 2005, when creating the group we all know today as Danity Kane, Mylah caught the attention of Mega producer P. Diddy appearing in Season One of Making The Band 3 before being cut, but not even that stopped the R&B songstress.

Mylah found her way to Atlanta where she met and joined forces with 9x Grammy Award Winner super producer/writer Bryan Michael Cox (Usher “Burn”, Mariah Carey “Shake It Off”), Mylah worked with top producers landing a feature on Atlanta’s keepsake, Rapper Gucci Mane’s record; “Anti-Social” a record view over 1 million times via Youtube where fans still site Mylah being the best part of that song.

Developing her writing skills Mylah released her very first EP in 2013 spawning “Honesty” a record that helped Mylah become visible to many important people in the industry. Performing at various places throughout the U.S, Mylah perfected her craft, showmanship, and likability becoming a popular vocalist on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter with her many cover songs, shares, retweets, and sheer passion for singing.

“Instead Of Looking For It. ..Create it! What’s The Saying? If You Can’t Find An Open Door, Create One”

Mylah is what the industry wishes it had. Her latest release is just a preview into what’s to come for 2017. “Light” a record that speaks to the woman she’s become today, is a glimpse into what will be her first full length album this 2017.

Mylah is no couch potato, an active performer, Mylah often sings with Grammy nominated Anthony David, known for his hit record with India.Arie “Words”, together the duo released a record on his new album; “Booed Up” a fan favorite and the next single off Anthony’s album; “The Powerful Now”.

Mylah’s a busy Queen, who’s career is about to take off this 2017, a journey you don’t want to miss.

Continue To Watch The Full Interview & Live Performance. Photos & Video By: Tahir Register.

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