Mylah Covers TheBLACKMedia Making History As The First Person Featured On The Cover!

Photo: Tahir Register


Mylah makes history as the first person, man or woman, to grace the cover of TheBLACKMedia. A New venture for TheBLACKMedia just three years after launching. Mylah embodies grace, class and exceptional talent, TheBLACKMedia knows a gift when we see it!

Mylah is The Definition Of Dope, TheBLACKMedia’s new series that will feature exceptional talent, people of colour, who exemplify what it means to be Dope! Redefining what it means to be great, starting with Mylah. #TheDefOfDope

Mylah Singing “I Can’t Help It” By Michael Jackson;

Listen to Mylah’s Latest Record “Light” a preview of what’s to come in 2017, Read More about Mylah, what’s coming, how she got her start, her concert series Revival and what makes her The Definition Of Dope!


Full Photo Shoot: Tahir Register

#SOULdiers, Welcome To TheBLACKMedia’s New Series, The Definition Of Dope aka #TheDefOfDope

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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