Why We Should Stop Fueling Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Beefs Are DEAD In 2017 Keke Palmer Agrees

We ARE our brothers keeper. Just think WE can do better.

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Recently Chris Brown and Soulja Boy has gone viral over “online-Beef”. It’s important for me to note, I have not paid attention to this beef, only scrolled past it, but it was enough scrolling that made me say, damn, why are we egging this on? Before I could write this article, Keke Palmer came to the righteous rescue.

So, instead of talking about the rude, disrespectful, and misogynistic beef Soulja, Chris and some how Karrueche Tran is dealing with, let’s discuss the cyclical rhetoric that is keeping us mentally caged.

Why is it that we love to see fighting, arguing, and we use it as tools of entertainment? Why aren’t we mature enough to do the right thing? The right thing you ask? Ignore it, or better yet, advise against it, not repost it saying; “Chris got this laughing emoji…” or “Soulja Boy is a fag i’d shoot him for you Chris”. Why is it that we give this millions of views, this being beef, not Chris and Soulja but beef in general, but ignore things like the Natives Pipe Line Terror? While I don’t believe everyone is involved in this child-like behavior, it’s enough of you for me to ask the question…why?

Considering entertainment is produced, this “beef” between Chris and Soulja could just be a way to keep them in the spotlight to further promote something they have coming out later this year. However, even the latter makes me sick because it details a controlling factor in the media that says; you can give them fake food, and they will eat it up, and we do every single time! There is no substance in this yet we love it.

Websites unlike TheBLACKMedia, like Baller Alert, and TheShadeRoom, help to normalize this behavior on a consistent basis, which is not a judgement, but a fact. My question to them would be …why?

When there is too much of one thing, balance is negatively effected, why consistently promote substance less propaganda, hatred, and negativity when you could choose to push a different angle that could maybe help the way we see each other?

I Guess That’s Why TheBLACKMedia is successful.

To Chris And Soulja Boy, mature up, there’s always a better way to handle problems, proving you’re “hard” is a systematic oppression that goes back hundreds of years when your ancestors slave masters made men feel weak, weak men fight, strong men resist…


– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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