Why Donald Trump’s Inauguration Should Fuel You To Pay Close Attention To Amerikkka & It’s Corruption

Donald Trump's Inauguration

Learn Your Lessons Well.

At around 11:30am January 20th donald trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. An eerie day for most, devastation for some, and fuel for a few, this years inauguration will be one you’ll never forget. Make no mistake about it, trumps being in office should fuel you, not deflate you or make you turn a blind eye. It should give you the energy you need to set forth change! donald trump’s inauguration speech was a cloud of disrespect.

Change doesn’t only exist in the White House, or in politics, i’d argue that major change, substantial change only exists within the people, the city, the streets, the schools, your life. So, knowing this, use what little hope you have and channel it towards the greater good. Small things have major effects. Simple things like reporting crimes if you see it, standing up for discrimination if it happens at work, helping out at hospitals as a volunteer, donating 5 dollars to reputable charities per month etc.

Let trumps time in office give you a reason to be a better you, because as long as you are, nothing and no one around you can negatively effect the good you do, and intend to do. Presidents can only do but so much, so don’t expect anything to happy while he is in office. Pay closer attention to the corruption in media, politics, race and class in lieu of turning from it. You can fight what you don’t know, and watching donald trump’s inauguration speech will greatly inform you.

Arm yourself with knowledge, but don’t let it consume you. If Barack and Michelle Obama and dem babies haven’t inspired you to be greater, then let me try by telling you hope does not live in your leader, it lives in you. A leader can’t give you hope only pull the hope forward, but even though this one may not, you don’t need anyone to do the work for you, pull forth hope on your own by looking around you at the beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, and lasting things that keep the world turning.

“There’s hope, it doesn’t cost a thing to smile, you don’t have to pay to laugh, you better thank God for that…there’s hope!” -India.Arie/Anthony David

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech;

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