Watch Chrisette Michele & Travis Greene Perform At Trumps Inauguration And Why It Hurts To See

Chrisette Michele Trump Inauguration Performance

He’s Intentional That’s For Sure.

Chrisette Michele and Travis Greene perform at the 2017 trump inauguration ball. Amidst much concern, Chrisette Michele, the grammy winning R&B songstress whose popularity soars over Travis’s was the center of attention when it came to people of colour declining or accepting the offer to perform in #trumpsamerikkka, she accepted.

Fans all over were extremely upset, but I wasn’t one of them. That is until I saw the performance. Even though it made me sad to see, I am still not upset with Chris for doing the performance. Why? I don’t know if I’d turn down 1 million dollars or even 200,000 dollars to sing at an event of my radical, but then again, I’d do some slick shit like sing and open my shirt to a #BlackLivesMatter Tee with my entire band and choir doing the same thing ending with FUCK TRUMP!

Chrisette Michele on the other hand, did not do that, and she didn’t have to. In her mind she believes what she is doing is right, and for that, I say, kudos to you, but Chris, since I believe you’ll read this one day, Chris, can I call ya Chris? It hurt to see.

This entire time I was on your side, but something happened when I saw my church people my people of colour singing God’s intentional in the way we sing in front of a president and an audience whom I had to second guess on whether or not they called you a cooning ass nigger, monkeying around on stage, or if they made jokes about how beautiful yet bulging your eyes were being who you are. It hurt to see and for that and that alone, I may consider in the future to not show up to my oppressors party in celebration, but to deal with the fact that I just made millions of people happy!

It’s a tough choice, but at least you and Travis did an amazing job, as expected;

#SOULdiers, Would You Take The Money And Perform?

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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