Watch Rihanna In “Bates Motel” Final Season Trailer As The First BLACK Marion Crane

rihanna marion crane

The Icon Role

Rihanna stars as Marion Crane in “Bates Motel” final season. Marion Crane, before Rihanna was always played by white actresses. Making history, Rihanna is the first person of colour to portray this icon role, made iconic by the hit film; “Psycho” .

Marion Crane, as told by the Psycho franchise, is a woman who stole money from a wealthy customer to pay off her boyfriends debts and lands at Bates Motel from being on the run. I hope they keep the same story line, because if you know the Psycho films like most do, you know how it all ends. Rihanna, if done right, could get a nomination from the academy from this performance.

Rihanna will certainly add to the final season giving this show the epic ending we’ve all been expecting. At this point Rihanna is an actress, and from this clip, she’s asking, no telling the world to take her seriously.

Bates Motel; Rihanna As Marion Crane First Look:

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