Jill Scott’s Exclusive Mahogany Hallmark Cards Are #BlackGirlMagic & Ready For Valentines Day

jill scott

Poetry. Art. Black Culture.

Jill Scott releases a slew of greeting cards through Mahogany: Hallmark’s African-American Collection. Just in time for Valentines Day 2017, these cards are riddled with Poetry, and Black Culture! Having had no idea prior to seeing this that Hallmark made niche cards for different cultures, this is a beautiful surprise, full of #BlackGirlMagic.

The cards were created by Jill and Hallmark specialist to exemplify Jill’s essence. Jill Scott has created 20 cards for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and more. What’s beautiful about this experience is, now instead of going into your local CVS wondering if they have something for you, if what you see will reflect your experience, you can now KNOW that there IS something for you.

Jill Scott;

“The Mahogany brand is genuine, progressive and optimistic – values that are important to me and reflected in my music and poetry, and now, through my card collection……I was inspired by highlights within my own life – love, marriage, motherhood – in the writing behind these cards, and I am excited to be involved in a project that will give others another way to express their love to the people that matter most to them.”

It’s important for companies like Hallmark to express different cultures in their works. Why? Amerikkka is a melting pot of races, classes, and cultures and having been to many stores not seeing my name printed on the long list of cups, necklaces, and pens, I can say it hurts. It hurts to not feel included or like you do not matter. Jill Scott’s cards says, hey, you matter too. In 2018 Jill Scott’s brand with Hallmark will extend to notebooks, mugs, and trinkets! You Matter! Thanks Jill!

If It’s Not In Your Local Stores, You Can Purchase Cards HERE

“When people see us, they say we glow and I know it’s true. There’s a luminous magic, an exquisite brilliance that shines through… and its hue?

The color of true love in bloom.”

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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