Why Donnie McClurkin’s ANTI-PROTEST Ideology Is NOT What We Need From Christians

Donnie McClurkin

We Need The Church With Us.

Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin called into Erica Campbell’s morning radio show “Get Up With Erica” and announced his disapproval of church protestors: the world versus the church. Even though Erica did not agree with most of what Donnie said, she kept an open mind, which is more than what I could’ve done live on air, kudos to her.

Plain and simple, Donnie, you’re wrong. Donnie McClurkin states; “…Now is our time to pray for him. This is the job of the church. Now let the world protest, the job of the church is to go into prayer… pray that he succeeds…”. I understand why Donnie McClurkin want’s the president to succeed, it’s fear, similar to an enslaved mind that fears the downfall of massa and how that will effect their life. While many may only see, pray that he succeeds, I’m noticing the more important piece.

Donnie McClurkin The Church SHOULD Protest;

Even though Donnie believes the church should be in church only praying, I believe otherwise. Much to Erica Campbell’s point, protesting brings massive awareness. Another element to protesting, which will further the cause and help achieve the outcome of the people, is in fact, the church! Not the church praying, but the church doing. Faith without works is dead, praying simply is not enough!

Yes, we should show up and vote, but as we’ve just seen, showing up and voting doesn’t exactly always work. So, what do we do? We pray, but we don’t stop there. We march, we get the church involved to have meetings at different churches to discuss actions and plans to move forward, to appoint leaders. Protesting doesn’t start and stop at marches on the streets. Be serious Donnie.

Churches hold some of the most important people in government. Many mayors, politicians, movers and shakers often go to church every Sunday, so why not reach them by making church announcements of what we can do to better the community through politics. More importantly, what we can do to get trump out of office.

So you see Donnie…we need the church to protest and to be in the trenches with the people. Evil, fear, and incitement will happen regardless, church people aren’t more special then “the world”, so why do you wish to separate them? Are you afraid? Is your mind enslaved? Are you bought and paid? Because the message you gave, is riddled with supremacist reign.

I’m asking…for a friend.

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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