Watch Beyonce 2017 Grammy Performance “Love Drought” & “Sandcastles” An Epic Suspense

beyonce 2017 grammy performance

A Suspenseful Visual.

Beyonce performed at the 2017 Grammy Awards. She announced her pregnancy just weeks before the Grammys. Knowing she was performing, we all expected a cancelation, but she didn’t, she pulled through and delivered a performance so suspenseful it seemed the world all gasped at the same time.

The performance was a beautiful rendition of her records “Love Drought” and “Sandcastle”. Beyonce showed up as a queen. Many fans and media outlets often call her the queen and with a belly full of babies she represented exactly that, a Queen.

“It Was This Moment The World Gasped.”

beyonce 2017 grammy performance

Beyonce 2017 Grammy Performance.

[Video Will Be Reuploaded If Taken Down]. I think we can all agree, Beyonce 2017 grammy performance was a suspenseful one. Every time she got up to walk, I gasped. When the chair leaned over the table, I shouted. I suppose that’s what the performance was supposed to do, but it was certainly suspenseful.

Even though she appeared uncomfortable in the beginning, Beyonce did something most will never do, will never be able to do, or ever think of. Beyonce 2017 Grammy performance will go down in history as one of the most stunning performances of all time.

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