5 Quick Reasons Why Valentines Day SUCKS Every Single Year Does Love Exist Anymore?

valentines day


Valentines Day 2017 sucks, but not more than 2016 or the years before, they all suck every single year. Why? Because people like you won’t let people like me enjoy our day! I love, love, but I can never enjoy it or heighten my experience on Valentines day because heartless, bitter, fake woke, fake independent people ruin it every year!

The bullshit over used, unoriginal quote; “don’t just love on Valentines Day, everyday is val –“ SHUUUUUUT the fuckkkk upppppppp everyday is NOT valentines day in your home because there’s ONLY ONE FUCKING VALENTINES DAY!!! bih.

Please excuse my dear aunt Sally for she’s the one who entered my spirit in the paragraph before this. She’s a thug. ..I pose the question does love exist anymore, because if it did, we wouldn’t have so much resistance when it comes to V Day. Here are 5 reasons why Valentines Day Sucks every year.

5 Quick Reasons Why Valentines Day Sucks:

  1. Every Year We Are Told To Hate Valentines Day By Social Media Hecklers And Mass Media Because “Everyday Should Be Valentines Day – You Shouldn’t Just Show Love To Your Girl/Boy Family And Friends On Valentines Day” As if that shit was actually true, no one ONLY shows love on FEB 14th so that entire ideology is a load of bullshit and I’m sick of seeing it! Just stfu – Sally

  2. Loads of Memes from “independent” people surface destroying the timelines from the happy couples, the beautiful love, by creating a space of bitterness that often reads; “Everyone Else on Valentines Day… Me: ” showing someone getting money, or on a vacation as if the people who chose to enjoy it are wrong, weak, or not living life fully because they do. As if their life is too special for a “weak ass valentines day”, bitter much? If not, why say anything if your life is sooooooo popping bihh – Sally

  3. We are made to feel bad for getting excited to celebrate it, loving it, and representing it, when the gag is…LOVE is the answer, and a reminder to celebrate it is beautiful. Why go out your way to make someone feel what you feel? If celebrating it is not your thing, THEN DON’T AND SHUT THE FUCK UP ITS ONE DAMN DAY DAMNNNNNN DANIEL… – Sally

  4. Too Much HATE floods social media, not enough love.

  5. It sucks because I don’t see enough smiles, love, laughter, and joy because people are convinced to cower in the face of Valentines Day, too scared someone may say something. Love shouldn’t be full of fear, we should be able to enjoy it out loud! Bihhh – Sally

Love still exists, it’s just scared. We live in a society where loving on another human being is seen as weak, when it’s the most strongest, hardest thing you can do. Why not celebrate your achievement on Valentines Day? We are too busy shouting “these hoes aint loyal” and making memes about thots, side chicks and dudes, but the gag is…Love is and will forever be the answer, let us have this ONE DAY, and please shut the fuck up you lonely hating ass bitter ass bit*&^%$#@s – Sally

Happy Valentines Day, And To The Haters A Message From Mr. Green

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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