Watch Queen Latifah & Miss Lawrence “GOODER” Music Video From STAR FOX’s Hit Tv Show

Gooder Queen Latifah Miss Lawrence

The Queen Of Rap

Queen Latifah and Miss Lawrence release “Gooder” a rap record and music video featured on the hit show “STAR”. Miss Lawrence, who came into fame during his stint on Atlanta Housewives, has always had a big voice, a great voice. Queen, known for her hit records like; UNITY, both star in Lee Daniels new TV musical drama. So it’s no surprise that the two joined forces to release this.

While the music video is made to be funny, charismatic, fun, and in tune with the show, it’s actually pretty good. It’s a very catchy tune, and being a super fan of Queen Lah, I’m just happy to see her rapping again. Not to mention Queen is dancing?! Hilarious! I love it.

Gooder Queen Latifah Miss Lawrence;

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