Remy Ma Another One Nicki Minaj Diss Part Two | Is Rap Beef Good For Hiphop Or Just BARZ?

remy ma another one


Remy Ma Another One, releases a second diss track to Nicki Minaj. The first dis track was met with rave reviews from every critic, including, however the question remains; “Rap Beef…or Barz”. What is good for the culture? That’s what TheBLACKMedia tried to wake our readers up about.

Rap Beef often results in fighting, shooting, killing, hurting, public shaming, and things that are universally bad for human beings. Some would argue, it’s good for the culture. Is it? If we keep it light, if we keep it on just bars, or “keep it on wax” as musicians say, then is it good for the culture, without the idea and history of “Beef”? I think so, but many would not agree.

Many say we are in a rap era were “beefing is too soft”. As oppose to beefing back in the 90s where people are still in jail from the inciting of violence over rap beefs. I say, death to beef, let’s keep it str8 bars, and as any sport, if you lose you lose, if you win you win, no murder, hurt, fighting, and aftermath of slander, but many of you say, no? Wow…what kind of life do you live?

Sticking with just bars, Remy came with it on the first diss track. Even though I hate to see two of my favorite rappers go at it, I do enjoy Rap as a sport. I also hate the pitting against women, people were literally saying; “FINALLY”, it’s a sick world we live in. I hope Nicki responds, especially after this, but as far as this second diss track, Remy Ma Another One may be so bad that it tarnishes the impact of the first, but you judge.

Here’s Remy Ma Another One


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