Why Ice Cube Autism Speaks Limited Edition Tee’s Is What HipHop Needs More Of In 2017

Ice Cube

What HipHop Is All About

Ice Cube brings awareness to Autism with his charity of choice Autism Speaks. Ice Cube’s nephew is autistic, which inspired him to get involved and donate the proceeds from the limited edition Tee’s to autism speaks. Known as one of the founding fathers of gangster rap, this rapper/actor is stay true to hiphop roots. Giving back.

We simply need more of this. Hiphop stars like J Cole who’ve announced to the public their charitable efforts are the few noble warriors we have to look up to. Vets like Ice Cube, who’ve been giving back since the beginning can teach the newer stars a thing or two. Hiphop started as the voice of the people, holding community gatherings, raising money for communities, and bringing mega attention to urban areas that would’ve gotten it had it not been for hiphop.

Ice Cube On Represent Autism Speaks;

The more we give back the more we inspire others to do the same. This idea of giving back is not only up to celebrities, but it helps when they do it because they are already so inspiring to millions. To give back simply visit REPRESENT to purchase a Tee and know that you’ve helped someone else. It’s beautiful!

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