GET OUT Grosses 100+ Million Dollars Making Jordan Peele The 1st Black Director In Debut Film


History Is Made

GET OUT, written and directed by Jordan Peele grosses over 100 million dollars in the box office against a 4.5-5million dollar budget. Jordan Peele is the first Afrikan American Director/Writer/Producer to have his debut film achieve such success.

GET OUT is the most talked about movie of the year. A horror satire, an odd coupling, Get Out is a film directly targeted towards racism as an ideology, and tangible, present day social issue. With it’s heightened themes, and Sixth Sense-ish clues and undertones, it’s a film that you’ll have to see twice to understand. It’s a film that will make you think twice.

Why Jordan Peele’s GET OUT Is Important To Blacks In Hollywood;

There are very few films directed, written, and produced by people of colour that reach over 100 million dollars in gross featuring race themes, Black leads, or strong Black Casts. The more this happens, the more people of colour (Latin, Asian, Indian, Afrikan, etc) in film will have the opportunity to create films that studios will want to produce.

Studios want to produce films they believe will make money. This wasn’t always the case, and racism against people of colour still exists that blocks people of colour from creating mass films, however, money talks. Steve Harvey (Think Like A Man/Will Packer) did it, Tyler Perry almost did it, and Jordan Peele has done it! This means Jordan will be able to hire, and create more films as a man of colour, and cast people of colour in leads because he has a history of success. That directly, positively effects, Black in Hollywood!

Jordan Peele On His Historic Moment;


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