Watch Tia Mowry Hint A Sister Sister Reboot; “It’s Closer Than Ever To Making That Happen”

Tia Mowry


Tia Mowry visited the Wendy Williams show to promote her cooking show “Tia Mowry At Home” and her new book “Whole New You”. During the interview Wendy Williams asked about rumors to a “Sister Sister” reboot.

Sister Sister was a hit sitcom tv show staring Tia and Tamera Mowry. The sitcom ran from 94 to 99 with over 100 episodes. The show reached millions, 90s kids who are now in their 20s grew up on the show loving the twin sisters, which helped propel their careers to what they are today.

Tia Mowry On Sister Sister Reboot;

“You know I would love to do a Sister, Sister reboot I will say it’s closer than ever to making that happen……everybody’s on board so far so we’ll see”

If the show does come back I hope they secure a Netflix deal. I also hope they remove some of those Disney elements and stick to more teen/adult topics. I know everyone will be excited about Tia and Tamera’s return to tv, but I’m over the moon about Jackeé Harry returning! This is what Tia had to say about it;

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