Watch As Morehouse College Celebrate The LGBTQ Community With THE POWER A Pride Benefit

Morehouse College


Morehouse College recently held an event called THE POWER by Safe Space an on campus LGBTQ community that supports males of the latter, and those who support. The event was a benefit concert, a fund raiser to further spread the positivity of the LGBTQ community at HBCU’s, especially all male universities.

Considering Morehouse College, preceding, was not known for publicly supporting, or privately supporting gay men at the university, this is a huge step for the historically black college. The night was curated by Ramon Johnson and held the audience attention by having amazing performers that uplifted the audience. The audience was full of straight, gay, lesbian, trans, bi-sexual, and queer individuals who weren’t shy about expressing their love for Rahbi, Cakes Da Killa, Jay Boogie, and Durand Bernarr.

Morehouse College THE POWER EVENT;

Rahbi opened the show, TheBLACKMedia’s Feb cover star, a show stopper and ruler of the stage. Rahbi kept it simple…not really, he kept it simply Rahbi with rock star dust, love, and pure joy. After Rahbi we enjoyed powerful words from the NYC native Jay Boogie, who claims he is not a rapper, but he’s “just here to tell his story” and what a story! Before introducing whom everyone was excited to see, Durand Bernarr, Cakes Da Killa hit the stage. If you don’t know Cakes, you can find him on HOT 97 spitting flames, and all over the globe as an internationally known gay rapper who’s respected by many in the hiphop community. A hilarious, yet powerful sweaty performance kept the audience captivated.

Once Durand hit the stage, the crowd hushed in excitement and could’t stay in their seats! Durand, one of the greatest voices of all time, truly has a machine up in his throattt!!! This King Vocalist with over 100 million views on Youtube, is internationally known and well known as Erykah Badu’s background singer is a show stopper, but don’t believe me, watch the clips below and let me know what you think.

Over all the night was about love, support, and joy, and if anyone has a problem with that, then they just don’t know. Whether you are apart of the LGBTQ community or not, this was a show you shouldn’t’ve missed.



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