Remey Williams Covers TheBLACKMedia How His Mothers Passing Inspired Him, New Music, Roots & More

New Jersey’s Vocal Bible

Remey Williams is The Definition Of Dope, a trained professional drummer, powerhouse skilled vocalist, and the son of an iconic bass player known for creating bass lines from records like “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”. Remey Williams is a humble creator, and once the world hears his voice, they’ll need more of him.

“I Don’t Wait For Anyone. Nobody – To Create An Opportunity For Me. I Created My Own.”

Moving to Atlanta wasn’t an easy path for the drummer/singer-songwriter, but through perseverance and strength Remey Williams established himself as a worthy contender in the Atlanta industry. With the help of his friend DayShawn, the two have booked gigs all over Atlanta including the Hard Rock Cafe. Remey Williams is a force!

Remey Williams The Voice

Brandy Norwood, known as the vocal bible, which isn’t as biblically referenced as people hear it to be. Bible, meaning a guide, the first book, the thing that shapes the world, that’s what’s meant when Brandy is cited as such. Brandy, with her unique tone, and offering of runs and background vocals shaped, at a very early age, how R&B would sound 20 years later. Remey Williams has that ability! Remey has a unique tone and a vocal skill so superior that when he sings the notes he chooses and works are so…perfect. He’s someone who can change the game.

If Remey is not singing he’s playing the drums behind international recording artist Ruth B, and various artist. Much like his father Jimmy Williams, Remey is a musician first, a multi-instrumentalist who at first was afraid of his voice, and now owns it all. Dope!

After Remey’s mother passed he took a look on the inside and pulled from his mother what he comes to know as a fearless life. Humbling experience after humbling experience, Remey is ready for what’s his, and he’s coming to get it running head first!

In honor of his mother, Remey Williams wrote and recorded his new single “Far Away” which will be released this May on mothers day. For more on Remey visit: @RemeyWilliams on IG.

Remey Williams Full Spread:

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