Janet Jackson’s Divorce Rumor Exposed How We Bash Black Women & Why It MUST Stop

Janet Jackson's Divorce


Recently rumors surfaced about Janet Jackson divorcing from her billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana. Janet Jackson has told fans years ago that if it doesn’t come from her mouth, it’s simply not true. While most of society, blogs, and news sites just want clicks, her fans know to wait for her truth.

Even though nothing is confirmed, the media has ran with “Janet Jackson’s Divorce” and created another one that says Janet Jackson waited for the prenup agreement time constraints to divorce Al Mana to “cash out” on a 500 million dollar settlement. The rumors are just that, non-factual information. What’s even worse, is that people are making Janet out to be a gold digging, skank, whore, scammer, who only got with, dated, and had a baby with Al Mana to make money. RIDICULOUS!

Janet Jackson’s Divorce How We Bash Black Women:

Why is it that when a Black Woman does anything in the media’s eye dealing with relationships or men, they are instantly whores, sluts, scammers, gold diggers? Why are Black women often compared to white women in the lesser sense? Why did we, as a society, instantly mark Janet as someone who is incapable of love and deciding a man or situation is not for her?


Above are just a few meme’s created to bash Janet, and Black women overall. The comments attached to most of these meme’s are absolutely disparaging. One man even had the nerve to claim that Halle, Janet and Mariah are devilish thots who “go from whole marriages to the next” as if a woman ending a marriage is directly tied to her wanting money. The sad part about his statement? He wasn’t the only man on social media who’d said the exact same thing.

Why do Black Men do this? Why do Men do this to women? Why do we as a society believe a rumor and run with a rumor as if it’s the truth so fast without knowing a damn thing? Janet Jackson’s divorce exposed our private thoughts and how we truly view women in power.

Considering Janet Jackson was a self made multimillionaire before she fell in love with Wissam, and in 2015 released her own wide range of diamonds she called Unbreakable Diamonds, Janet is not likely to need someone else’s money. Also considering these are all rumors, maybe we should check ourselves, but of course that’s too much like…right. I wonder if she was white would these same rumors hold so strongly, because the world loves kim and many other white women who’ve actually done the things they claim Janet to be doing.

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