Watch Chanté Moore’s New Video “REAL ONE” She’s Back & She’s Got A Man At Home


Chanté Moore released a new single and music video titled “REAL ONE”. At 50 years old Chanté has been in the music industry’s eye since her debut album in 1992 “Precious” which spawned the hit “It’s Alright”, but it was her 3rd album “This Moment Is Mine” that spawned her break through record “Chanté’s Got A Man” that made her a legend in the R&B game.

Being one of the few human beings on Planet Earth that can activate their whistle tone on command, Chanté is a powerhouse vocalist. After her run with R&B Divas LA fans have been wanting new music, and now here it is. “REAL ONE” has potential to be a hit. Giving us that old school vibe, on a new school level, at 50 years old Chanté’s body, youthfulness, and voice is unmatched.

Chanté Moore “REAL ONE”

While touring as an actress in the stage play “Married But Single Too” actress, singer-songwriter Chanté Moore released “REAL ONE” which serves as the first single off her upcoming album “The Rise Of The Phoenix”.

REAL ONE is a real one! Beautifully stunning, catchy vibe, and strong vocals if enough people hear it, they’ll absolutely love it, it’s a bop! Don’t take my word for it, listen, and watch:

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