Comedian Charlie Murphy Dies At 57 Years Young Why Losing Comedians Hurts In A Different Way

Charlie Murphy

Rest With Jesus Charlie!

Comedian Charlie Murphy passed away Wednesday morning April 12th 2017. The older brother of Eddie Murphy left behind millions of fans who enjoyed his standup, and humorous roles in film and tv. After a long battle with Leukemia, a form of cancer, Charlie is no longer suffering.

TMZ reported his close family and friends were shocked because they thought his cancer was under control. TheBLACKMedia sends prayers up to the family. Charlie wasn’t just a comedian or brother of Eddie, Charlie was a Navy vet who served for six years.

Charlie Murphy The Comedian

When comedians pass it hurts differently. When someone who’s dedicated their life to making others laugh, and with laughter being one of the most readily available joys of life, it hurts our funny bones when our evokers pass. While the family and friends mourn his death, us fan, the supporters will mourn what we will miss from Charlie, his smile, his comedy, and his presence as a Black man in entertainment. He will be missed.


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