Why Jay Pharoah Was Fired From SNL “I’m Not Wearing A Dress” & How Charlie Murphy Mentored Him

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Jay Pharaoh shared why he was let go from SNL back in September 2016. Known for his extremely believable impressions: Jay Z, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith you name it, he can do it. After his videos went viral fans spotted him on SNL as one of the few people of colour on SNL, but he wasn’t a yes man.

Jay Pharaoh says; “I’m not no yes ni**a”, meaning, if there is something he doesn’t like, or agree with, with respect he’d express that. You’d think that’d be enough to fire him, but it was when Jay Pharaoh sparked the viral conversation about SNL not having any Women of Colour on SNL that almost got him fired.

Jay Pharaoh SNL & Remembering Charlie Murphy:

Jay Pharaoh says he is solely responsible for changing the way SNL casted people of colour by complaining behind the scenes and speaking out against this. He is to thank for Leslie Jones and Shasheer Zamata getting a chance to audition, and eventually be casted on SNL.

Jay says he was let go mainly because he was shaking things up in SNL, and wasn’t getting as much air time, and for publicly speaking out against the way things were done at SNL. In his interview with HOT 97 he explains in full detail.

Many, including TheBLACKMedia, had no idea Charlie Murphy who just passed, was Jay’s mentor. Jay Pharaoh shares stories of how Charlie took a young Jay on tour with him and helped him with his career. Charlie Murphy wasn’t just a comedian he was a saint, in his own way. Jay Pharaoh says Charlie’s greatest advice was;

“Always take God with you On Stage”

Black MALE Comedians Wearing Dresses THE TRUTH:

There’s this idea that wearing a dress is what white producers and executives do to emasculate men of colour in entertainment. That theory is not true. While the ideology of emasculation is true, the idea that comedians all have to wear a dress to be funny is simply not true. Often Tyler Perry, Martin Lawerence, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Prior names comes up to make the point that white people put them in dresses. Most comedians in dresses, do not have white puppet masters making them get into dresses, men dressing up as women is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to make people laugh, and that’s why most Black comedians wear dresses, not because of dollar signs and force, but because it’s an easy laugh. Most Black male comedians do not dress up as women, which disproves this theory that it’s puppeteered by white massa’s to make black men funny, while emasculating them. It’s simply not true. I’m all for unity, fighting the fight and #BlackPower, but not when we don’t have the facts.

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