How Jennifer Hudson New Single “Remember Me” Gives You Donna Summer Realness Inspiring Freedom

Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson released her single “Remember Me” with a sensual and free music video. Having sung a snippet of the record while in the UK on The Voice, fans were excited to see what the visuals would look like. Not to be confused with “I Remember Me” the album, “Remember Me” is Donna Summer Realness!

Jennifer Hudson recently signed to Epic Records after departing from RCA. “Remember Me” serves as a buzz record for what’s to come, though it does sound like it could’ve been on JHUD, it’s a very UK sound. It’s a Pop Disco and B record, added with the voice gives us that Donna Summer feel.

Jennifer Hudson Remember Me:

The music video itself has a lot of metallic references in clothing and light leaks. The music video inspires freedom, letting go and knowing your worth enough to never worry about anyone, just do you and they will come. The music video features Rob Evans best known from Americas Next Top Model as the eye candy who remembers Jennifer. Get inspired!

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