Watch Former President Barack Obama First Public Speech Post-Presidency “Own Your Life & Your Mistakes”

Former President Barack Obama


Former President Barack Obama sat and spoke with leaders in his hometown at the University of Chicago. This meeting is step one in his long journey to; “encourage and support the next generation of leaders”. The encouraging speech he delivered was his first since leaving the white house as our 44th President one of the greatest to ever hold the position.

During his speech Former President Barack Obama encouraged us all to own our life, and our mistakes. Former President jokingly mentioned that if his high school days were recorded he probably wouldn’t’ve been President. Inspiring us all to own our lives gives us strength to live and hope that everything will be okay, something our current president has no clue about.

Former President Barack Obama’s First Post-Presidency Speech:

Hope is what gives us the will to fight another day, and it’s hope that Former President Barack Obama gives. This speech is one of many as Barack plans to continue to inspire the youth for a greater tomorrow for Amerikkka. Just days before trumps 100th day as President, Former President Barack Obama reminds us all; “there’s hope, it doesn’t cost a thing to smile, you don’t have to pay to laugh you better thank God for that” – India.Arie

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