Husband & Wife Jade Novah And Devin Johnson “Love” Kendrick Lamar

Jade Novah


Singer-songwriter Jade Novah and her husband Devin Johnson: musician and arranger to the stars (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Jessie J) are teaming up to release a set of videos covering their favorite songs. Their first release; “LOVE”  a Kendrick Lamar cover, is arranged and written in a different angle, but still so fresh, fly, and dope.

Jade Novah who can be seen singing background for Rihanna, and sharing the stage with Lady Gaga in songs like “Million Reasons” is known for her viral videos on Youtube covering songs like “Diamond” by Rihanna. After amassing super fans, Jade has been gearing up to release a full project, which we’ve all been waiting for ever since her single “Show Out” was released back in 2013. Hopefully this cover series brings more original music.


The video compilation is titled #TheNest, which if you infer could mean the home. Considering the duo is married The Nest could refer to a series of covers by…the nest! This first cover is nothing short of amazing as Jade’s vocal ability is 2nd to none, and Devin is a master at arranging. We can’t wait for more!

Most Recent Video:

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