How LeToya Luckett’s “Used To” Could Score Her, Her Own TV Show

LeToya Luckett


LeToya Luckett releases a new music video called “Used To” the second lead single off her soon to come album “Back 2 Life”. The music video is a part two of three a mini musical film that chronicles life experiences and truth. LeToya Luckett has managed to create a staple piece in music.

As an actress we’ve seen LeToya become a fan favorite on shows like “Single Ladies” and “Rosewood”. Considering how well put together this mini music video film is, it could be just the thing to inspire producers to get LeToya Luckett her own tv show! The acting is believable, the subject line is relatable, and millions are watching, that’s the formula for a hit!

LeToya Luckett On Investing In Yourself:

While promoting the new album which comes out May 12th 2017 (pre-order today), LeToya mentioned she invested her own money for this project. A lesson to many indie artist and people in general, never wait for anyone to give you anything, always put you first. Considering this project is her own investment, LeToya may just have a chance to piece together a reel and ship it to networks, why not right? Get into this record!

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