Listen To Chloe & Halle’s “The Two Of Us” A 25 Min Whimsical Story

chloe & halle


Chloe and Halle, Beyonce signed to her label Parkwood Entertainment, release “The Two Of Us”, a pop-whimsical musical story. Chloe and Halle wanted everyone to know this is not an album or mixtape. Considering the release of music that’s not an album is actually a mixtape, we love the artistic new of it all.

The not-mixtape is a beautiful collection of stories told by the two sisters uniquely. Their debut EP “Sugar Symphony” is fairly similar to his newly released project. The songs from this project may even be songs created during their first EP that they didn’t use, either way, it’s amazing!

Chloe & Halle 25 Min Pop Story:

There are 17 tracks on this compilation. None of the tracks are more than 2 mins and 50 seconds long. Each record is a short fairytale-like record with small moments in between. The girls released the 25 min project via Youtube and Soundcloud. It’s the kind of project that you can play and allow your memory to trip into their world.

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