Rob & Big Star Christopher Boykin Dies At 45 Years Old

Christopher Boykin

R.I.P Chris

Celebrity bodyguard Christopher Boykin also known as ‘Big Black’ from the hit MTV reality show “Rob and Big” has passed. At 45 years old, the young US Navy vet, father and friend has been laid to rest the morning of May 9th 2017. There is no word on the cause of death just yet, Christopher leaves behind his 9 year old daughter.

If you can remember, Christopher was brought to the forefront of America’s eyes during the “Rob and Big” reality show. He was one of the first examples of a Strong, Tall, Aggressive Black Man that you weren’t afraid of, whom the media didn’t paint to be a savage. He was one of the only Black men who was accepted for his size, darkness, and job title that showed the world you can be Black, funny, fun, silly, yet protective at the same time without being labeled a savage.


“[Christopher] was Rob’s best friend and bodyguard on their reality show, which ran from 2006 to 2008 — and also appeared on ‘Fantasy Factory.’ The pals got into a bunch of random adventures — like breaking Guinness records, exorcising their house, installing an ATM … and, of course, catching people with their net gun.” –tmz

My favorite memory of Big was when Janet Jackson did her MTV promo and featured Rob and Big. Rob skate boarding and appearing to have difficulty when BIG and Janet appear. Janet, being the expert in this video gives Rob advice, while using Big to wheel her off on the skate board. It was hilarious! Rest with Jesus Big!

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