Watch Nicki Minaj In DNCE’s Kissing Strangers A Flawless Formula That Works

Nicki Minaj

Nicki’s Secret Formula

Nicki Minaj shines in DNCE’s latest music video “Kissing Strangers”. Nicki serves as the hiphop relief to this pop groups record, a strategy that’s been Nicki’s not-so-secret formula for years. Nicki Minaj is known for doing many features before releasing her own solo project, but not just any features.

Nicki Minaj is known for featuring on multiple genres, and largely impart because of her, these songs often chart in the top 100, and in the top 40. Being the first solo female artist to have seven singles charting simultaneously in the hot 100, Nicki is the one to call to make a song popular.

Nicki Minaj DNCE’s Kissing Strangers:

Considering DNCE is the latest pop group that features a collection of artist whom prior to joining this group were popular artist, it’s smart for Nicki to feature here. While Nicki is a super successful worldly known hiphop artist, there are still many music listeners who haven’t heard her music, or seen her style. But with Nicki being featured in this music video especially with the new look, she can be introduced to a whole new group of listeners.

Nicki Minaj Bodied This Feature. Not To Mention, She’s Never Looked Better.

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