Student Loans & #NickiTuition Payment Charity By Nicki Minaj “Very Soon”



A few weeks ago Nicki Minaj took over twitter when she started promising to pay for tuition and fees for students and graduates. While promoting a contest for the BMA awards with a fan asked if she could pay for some loans. Nicki Minaj said sure, and before you knew it, BAM!

Nicki Minaj promised over 20,000 dollars to give for free to students with good grades in college, or for students returning to college. Nicki not only promised, but she kept her promise and those who qualified were actually granted payment.

#NickiTuition Nicki The Ninja:

After everyone saw the activism and quickness in return, Nicki Minaj posted via iG that she will be launching an official Charity for Student loans and Tuition payments! Nicki Minaj promises it will come “Very Soon”.

I often tell people you don’t need much, or need to go through the “proper channels” to make change, sometimes just giving helps heal the world. Nicki Minaj may be viewed as many things, but one thing you can’t say about the Queen of Rap is that she doesn’t inspire. Nicki, since the beginning of her career has empowered her Barbs to; “stay in school, go to college, don’t be having babies…”. Facts.

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