“Doubt” The CBS Drama Returns This July! Laverne Cox Breaks The News


Doubt Returns!

Laverne Cox took to instagram and social media to announce the CBS Drama she was starring in that was “canceled” after the first 2 episodes, returns to CBS! Doubt, which was an amazing show and concept shocked the world when CBS took it off air prematurely.

From the previews, trailers, and first two episodes which were riddled with suspense and excitement, comedy and romance, the show seemed to be a hit. Oddly, the show was ordered for a full season! Also, the show was recorded in full, which means all CBS had to do was air the show and instead, they pulled it.

Laverne Cox Announced Doubt’s Return:

Laverne Cox, who played Cameron Wirth a powerhouse attorney played in a ground breaking role as the first openly transgender woman playing a trans woman on a major drama! With insight about the romance that was supposed to take place with her character fans were excited and ready to see, and now they can!

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