Why Independence Day Is NOT For BLACK People But It’s Okay To Celebrate It

Independence Day


A Message From The Owner,

I don’t often do this, but I thought today, July 4th 2017 I’d write an open letter detailing why Independence Day is NOT for B.L.A.C.K people, people of colour, Afrikans, Latins, etc, but for Americans. I also wanted to make sure you all understood that even though it’s not for us, it’s ok to celebrate it.

For those of you reading and new to my media outlet, I am Tahir Register, an entertainer who just so happen to have a successful publication. Im a writer, activist, and humanitarian. I am for all. I am for truth, and the truth is, independence day was declared in 1776. It marks the day Amerikkka became independent of the British colony.

Independence Day FACTS:

In 1776, Afrikans were slaves. Yes! Your ancestors, were slaves. While some people of colour never had ancestors who were slaves, all Afrikans in America were and still are disenfranchised, and experience oppression. If Afrikans were slaves, how then do we celebrate independence day?

In 1863 the emancipation proclamation was signed (87 years after independence day), which was supposed to free all of the slaves. The emancipation proclamation did not, in fact, most slave masters ignored the written document, and kept their slaves, and parts of the US had no idea of this news. It wasn’t until 1865 (Juneteenth) when a General declared true freedom for the Afrikan slaves who were still not free.

Even though the latter is true, the 1900’s brought a new form of slavery, a stealth, Jim Crow, Laws, Segregation and a slew of other things that kept Afrikans from true freedom. Even in 2017 the racism has become even more stealth to the point where we feel like we are free, but we are not, we are simply living with the liberties white supremacist allow(ed) us to have. That’s a harsh truth, but with our advances in intelligence and our will power to fight, our true freedom will soon come.

Why It’s Okay To Celebrate Independence Day:

Over 200 years ago this day was declared, the fact is, we simply have no attachments to that time period. Living in Amerikkka where they masked the truth from us (what truth? see above) it’s not our fault to celebrate ignorantly. However, once you receive the truth, change your mind set. Instead of celebrating Amerikkka, celebrate the will power of the slaves who stayed alive and struggled through their hardships so that you may have the ability to read this here letter!

Celebrate US, not the US. ..

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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