Watch That’s So Raven Spin Off “Raven’s Home” Theme Song It’s Epic Nostalgia!


That’s So Raven, it’s the future I can see! That’s right, That’s So Raven is back, but as “Raven’s Home”. After millions of views and a quick viral stint the first trailer of Raven’s Home took over the web. Gearing up to release episode one this July, Raven’s Home premieres the theme song and series intro, and it’s epic nostalgia!

That’s So Raven was released in 2003 and ended in 2007, which means it’s a millennial show. For millennials, this return is so epic, that even though they are in their mid 20s, they will absolutely tune in this July 21st with popcorn and footies!

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If you remember That’s So Raven’s first theme song, which was on a Gold Album created and released by Disney, it was a catchy tune that if by Monday, school lunch time, you didn’t know the words, you were trying to learn them. Millions tuned in to the hit show, and millions shouted to the top of their lungs the lyrics to that intro.

“If You Could Gaze Into The Future You Might Think Life Would Be A Breeze…”

Now with the spin off underway, the new intro and theme song has just been released and fans are loving Raven’s powerhouse voice yet again! Hearing her growth, loving the new style, and quickly learning the lyrics to this new opening was smart promotion for Disney. Now once the show airs, every one can sing along to what will be a hilarious children’s show, that young adults will also enjoy!

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