Aladdin Live Action Film Casts Will Smith As ‘Genie’

Will Smith

Will Smith gets casted as “Genie” in the Aladdin live action film. Genie, best voiced by the late Robin Williams, is a “fan favorite” character in the Disney Film. Known as the comic relief of the film, Genie is a huge role for Will Smith, especially when considering the legacy of Aladdin.

Aladdin, which is now a Disney cult classic, is a legendary animation film that the world cherishes. Will Smith, an internationally known actor who’s comedic abilities are well documented may very well be the perfect fit for this role. Even though Robin Williams set the bar high, Will, I’m sure, will work hard at keeping Genie special.

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Genie, in Aladdin, is known to also sing during the film. Robin Williams being the multi-talented entertainer he was, handled that aspect very well, and we loved him for it. Will Smith being a platinum-selling artist himself, is not shy when it comes to music, however, can he sing?

One song in particular, that I truly enjoy, “Prince Ali” concerns me when it comes to Will in this role. Hearing Smith, in interviews, state he is always up for a challenge gives me comfort, however, musically the song’s original key, and original creation gives me pause when it comes to Will performing this. Being one of the most popular numbers of the film, it’s a must that it is recreated in the live action, but I have faith that Smith can pull it off, especially after watching this:

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