Black America: “What If Reparations Were Given” An Amazon Will Packer & Aaron McGruder Drama Series

Black America

An alternative history drama series is coming soon to Amazon; ‘Black America’ produced by Will Packer (Think Like A Man/Girls Trip), and created by Aaron McGruder (Boondocks Creator). Announcing the project ahead of schedule, Will wanted to make sure creators taken aback by HBO’s Confederate show, knew this show was well underway beforehand.

HBO’s Confederate drama will take place in a world where having slaves is legal, presenting an almost “Birth of A Nation” feel. Black Twitter, and people of colour in general are not happy about this especially since HBO is universally liked between all. The show Confederate simply doesn’t need to be seen. Slaves were legal, and so was/is having the Confederate flag. Seems like a show that serves the sick minds of current racist.

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Black America will focus on the question; “What If”, or as Will Packer put it; ‘what if reparations were given, what would this country and that alternate country look like today, how would Americans look, our communities, relations, I think that there definitely is a message about how we co-exist today where that didn’t happen, there weren’t reparations, and you still have black Americans who are suffering from the effects of slavery in various ways….You still have the prison-industrial complex that disproportionally imprisons black and brown people, you can trace that back for many reasons to slavery.’

This show will be a hit for Amazon, and with the creator and writer of Boondocks attached it certainly will be funny, witty, well written, political, and perfect.

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