How Ledisi Is Asking Men To Step Up In “Add To Me” Can You Answer The Question?


A call to action for all women listening, Ledisi is asking the big girl questions now. Ledisi’s latest single “Add To Me” has that Ledisi bop that we love, with lyrics that pierces the spirit. A simple question it seems, but when you’re asked the question, it leaves you in a stump.

What can you add to me?! This is a question that most of us need to get used to asking others. No matter what the relationship is, if they are not adding to you, then what’s the purpose? Friendships, intimate relationships, sexual relationships, work relations etc. Can You Add To Me?

DISCOVER: Let Love Rule The Album

This single comes after announcing her new album “LET LOVE RULE”. After releasing the first single “High” which was streamed over 1 million times on Spotify, this sanging Queen hit us with another banger.

Ledisi is calling out to Men asking them a powerful question, asking them to think, asking them to man up. Even though this question and song is delegated towards the male species, Men can ask Women the same question.

I wonder, can you answer the question?

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