Outkast Member Big Boi Donates To 5 Year Old Girl Paralyzed After Being Shot

Abriya Ellison was innocently playing in a bouncy house back in April of 2017 in Atlanta GA when she became a victim of a drive-by-shooting. Abriya was shot and paralyzed from the waist down. A 5 year old girl, Abriya Ellison became an inspiration to Outkast rapper Big Boi especially since it happened in his home city.

After Big Boi’s brother saw the story on the news, he informed Big. After seeing the Go Fund me page and being inspired by Abriya’s lifted energy and spirit even though she’d just gone through a rough patch, Big decided to help.

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Big Boi donated time, money, and the cutest puppy, a pit bull. Abriya always wanted a puppy just like the service dogs she’d see at the hospital and Big made that come true. Along with that, Big Boi agreed to pay for the construction to remodel her home bathroom to make is handi-capable for Abriya.

Big Boi

Hip Hop hasn’t lost all of its warriors, Big Boi is one of many who often give back to the community, assist and help out, but seldom get recognition for it. It’s these selfless acts that Hip Hop is rooted in. The more we see this, the better our communities will be.

First, Let’s get guns off the street!

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