Watch Azealia Banks Slay Her First Ever TV Performance On Good Day New York


Azealia Banks makes her television performance debut on Good Day New York singing “The Big Big Beat”. Although Ms. Banks has been in the game for years, she’s never performed live on television. A great performer, the sold out festivals, concerts, and tours she’s done proves she is worthy of a televised performance.

In an effort to “Make Azealia Great Again” (even though she already is great) due to the controversy she places herself in, and because her name is often in controversy, the Coaco Rap Goddess is on a mission to rid herself of that image. A talented, rapper, writer, singer and actress, Azealia has what it takes to be one of the greatest. A skilled MC she is one of the best rappers of all time.

While many may speculate and criticize her vocal performance, Banks having a raspy lower tone has a unique sound. Vocalist with such tones often have chronic hoarseness, but even with it Azealia Banks pulled through and delivered a performance worthy for more televised events.

Now a record label owner with Chaos And Glory, Queen Banks is determined to keep her craft about the creativity, and music, and not just about business. With her soaps, and merch line selling out, Miss Banks is a business woman. Under 30 this Queen has managed to achieve international success, and guide her life in the way she sees, a feature that 50 year olds have yet to experience.

If Azealia keeps this up, she’ll be the one to rival.

Azealia Banks Good Day New York Performance & Interview:

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