Watch Brandy On New Album; “So Good It Could Be The Last Thing I Do”

Recently Brandy sat with the SoundExchange to talk about new music and what’s next in her life. During the interview Brandy revealed she almost “didn’t make it”. Brandy never discussed this particular part of her life publicly before, and even though she briefly discussed it here, her words were shocking.

Time and time again we are shown that mental health is an important part of living. Brandy, a super star grammy award winning singer, and actress also deals with; “dark days”. While it may seem like celebrities have it all, no one can escape life issues, stress, and depression. Ms. Norwood said; “fame is the mistake, go after the service to touch people and reach people….fame is whack”.

“I don’t think vessels should ever be mistreated because we are responsible to move people to help people……..Everyone needs to know about this period in my life where I almost didn’t make it………..I Wish I could tell you guys everything about my new music, but I can’t just yet……its gonna be so good it could be the last thing I do…”

Even though we’d hate for Brandy to stop, we’d love for her to find peace. Now that she’s found her strength, we know this new album will be amazing. If Begging and Pleading was any indication of what’s to come, it will be amazing!

Brandy At SoundExchange:

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